2010-02-21 23:39:03 ET

i didnīt posted the last time, i was a little frustrated, that i couldnīt express myself in english the way i wanted.
i like to play with words, and thatīs easier for me in german, logical, or?
so i "played" on myspace.com/sheinox the last time.
but now i think, maybe you enjoy my "denglish"(germanenglish)*
sorry, i donīt know how to make a link, and i cannot post pics here.-shame on me
technic is a "dry" thing...
iīm more interested in arts, music and poetry.
*( sometimes i couldnīt catch the kind of humour on sk, and iīd like to be more funny, but in winter i was often depressed. now spring is near, maybe it works, but i can not promise...)

btw, i got some money, cause my father sold his house, itīs not much, but i have+. so i can buy some things, like a keyboard!! and will have new carpets for my rooms. life is easier than last year, when i had to sell some lpīs and and cdīs. friday i bought an lp, the first since more than a year, the stranglers of 1977!

my little catman shorty is no longer a man, itīs cruel, but i had to do it, cuz heīs a housecat. and i donīt like to live in a pumacage.
but heīs ok.

iīm sitting here with open window, birds are singing.

thatīs all for the moment

2010-02-22 12:43:03 ET

It's ok if you don't know how to express yourself all the time.
I can read your entries fairly well :)

2010-02-22 13:18:29 ET

thank you!!:)

2010-02-22 19:28:09 ET

Awww, poor catman!

And I can always read what you write :-)

2010-02-24 01:25:01 ET

thank you, megan!

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