back again
2012-10-30 00:54:29 ET


after a long time with tv and cakes and chocolate, depression and alkohol i startet the second try with "bill and bob".

i felt to be right there, and now im with them since 3 and half week.
there are many interesting people, i went to cinema with 2 of them in the second week, i met two gays for lunch, well go to brunch on sunday together with my boyfriend.

it is a kind of new life for me without alcohol. i smoke a lot of cigarettes now, but sometime i wont need that , too.

in the meetings i met a woman, wholl give up her flat in berlin now. wednesday i take a trip to berlin, take a walk in the quarter and have a look on the flat. but maybe the owner will sell this house. ill write him a letter, and carsten will go to berlin with me, when i move.

i hope to get a flat there, soon.
and i hope, someone of you people will visit me there, maybe.

17 years in braunschweig are enough.

and the other things in my life? _: i paint a lot, and my creativity flows without alcohohol much more than ever.

i spin my own music , i have a lot good things- nearly all day, when im at home.
with candles, tee, and a good mood.

i feel fresh, i lost weight, i eat bio-legumes, life can be beautyful!!

and im happy about counterseatlle, that s my start in the day, when i awake, make some coffee(espresso) and listen to it nearly every morning during the week.- greetz to turbo.

i wish you a good week, hope obama will win, hope your wether will be better soon.

love, susanne

2012-10-30 01:21:35 ET

Good luck with the move to Berlin! I need to plan a trip there one day.

2012-10-30 01:51:40 ET

yes, that would be great!! and from sweden its not too far. it would be nice to meet you.

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