2005-08-28 09:53:17 ET

So I finally got to drive by myself today. The last few days I've been taking Mom everywhere she's wanted to go. Today I went over to Shoppers to pick up some make-up and I drove around Woodstock, and went downtown.

Tomorrow - I dunno what's going on Monday...probably not too much, which sucks.

Tuesday - yay, I gotta go to school for a meeting and buy a few books. It takes about 45 minutes to get there going the back way, the highway is about 20-25 minutes but I'm not ready for that quuuite yet. I'd rather drive longer anyway.

Wednesday - take Mom out to do banking and running around. Go out for supper either this day or Thursday.

Who knows what else is going on. I know I should get together with people before school starts, but I'll wait to see if they initiate any get togethers first.

2005-08-29 10:55:07 ET

I want dogs like yours, they're waaay cute!

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