Stupid Day
2007-04-28 13:02:18 ET

I had to work this morning after working all week. Why? Because a forty year old woman quit because another worker hurt her feelings. How did he hurt her feelings? By telling her that she needed to pay attention to what she was doing and concentrate on one thing at a time. He has tried to call her several times but she won't answer the phone and won't call back. Talk about high school drama. Except for the overwork we are better off without her.

2007-04-28 15:34:37 ET

So, basically, except for the work she gets done she's best not being there? Like, if she just shut up the whole thing'd be fine?

2007-04-28 17:21:35 ET

Right, just dont' let the next one who applys wear her feelings on her shoulder waiting for someone to accidentally knock it off.

2007-04-29 02:16:05 ET

I feel your agony. I too had to work a double shift last night because someone had their "feelings" hurt. I feel your pain.

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