2007-06-12 06:22:35 ET

How do you make pictures smaller to put on your journal?

2007-06-12 06:48:46 ET

go to paint, right click on your picture, go to stretch/skrew, and you can make it smaller. I don.t know what kind of programs you have, but I think thats the simplest way.

2007-06-12 07:24:23 ET

thank you. I will try that.

2007-06-12 16:23:34 ET

...are you that chic from myspace who likes to ignore me? :/

2007-06-12 17:48:02 ET

I don't have a space on my space, can't think why I would ignore you if I did. This is my only and first space and I'm usually too busy to even play on here.

Sorry you are ignored though.

2007-06-12 20:32:04 ET

heh Not your fault...I just had to ask ;)

Anyway, what she said will work, or dinking around in GIMP (google search). GIMP's basically a free clone of Photoshop.

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