New Trivia
2007-08-10 06:09:20 ET

Key West has voted to make getting a tattoo legal after 40 years of being illegal. Why was it illegal? Because the Navy was tired of their overly enebriated sailors stumbling down to the parlors and getting tattoos. The tattoo was not the problem. In our history of less sanitized days they also received raging infections which knocked them out of work.

Next trivia, the guy who murdered the three college students in cold blood was an illegal alien who had previously raped a child under the age of five. He was out on parole...why???? and he was not picked up for being illegal at that time. He also had a violent rap sheet. Our system sometimes sucks.

Last but not least. A husband is sueing the 1-800-flowers line because they sent the bill for the flowers he sent his his home... where his wife saw it. Divorce was filed. Does he have a claim?

His wife left a note for her husband on the bill. "Be a man. Why lie, your T-mobile still has her number on it." Think they already had a problem????

Okay, I'm done, Y'all have a good day.

2007-08-10 08:03:42 ET

Key West: I can understand the logic of trying to keep things healthy but you'd think they would've realized that the tattooing business is much more stricter on health related issues and that modern medicine is a wonderful thing much earlier than now.

Illegal immigrant:Guy should've been deported before he could have killed or raped anyone. Our system does indeed suck sometimes.

The guy shouldn't have a claim. There should be something of a common sense law. For instance if you are cheating on your wife and pay for something for a mistress and have it billed to your own home, you are an idiot and deserve what comes to you. I doubt he'll get anything and frankly, he should have to pay money for wasting the courts time with such stupidity.

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