I am a little Navy irritated.
2007-08-14 06:26:43 ET

I have a friend whose husband is in the Navy. Another Navy wife is viciously telling lies my friend. This friend has written about Liz, this other Navy wife, in her blog. Liz's husband is on the same ship as my friend's husband.

My friend and her husband had a Bar-B-Que, Texas syle. Two of the guys at the party drank a little and had a strawberry between them, each holding it in their mouth. Fyuree took a picture and posted it along with telling about the bar-b-que. Liz, took the picture to her husband, he took it to the boat and the chief called in the two men to ask if they were gay. The guys called and asked my friend to take the picture down. The chief told my friends husband to control his wife. Hello, control you wife.....I don't think so.

My friend asked if she could tell her side of the story at a meeting with this woman, her husband, the two chiefs, and my friend and her husband. Reason for the meeting was that the chief called my pregnant friend and stared in on her again for writing about this woman in her blog. All she had said was ome people get 3 bedroom housing if they gripe enough while someone is pregnant amd doesn't gripe cannot. Never mentioned Liz's name.

At the meeting this is what my friend was going to say but was never able to:

"Freedom of speech is the concept of being able to speak freely without censorship. It is often regarded as an integral concept in modern democracies. The right to freedom of speech is guaranteed under international law through numerous human rights instruments, notably under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes preferred, since the right is not confined to verbal speech but is understood to protect any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

Freedom of speech, without censorship and without harassing my husband for my thoughts or my speech.

You do not have to approve or like what I may write in my blog. My own mother probably does not always approve of what I may write. However, when you hold my husband responsible for my thoughts and my writings you are implying that I must be a little robot who speaks only and writes only the things you approve of.

That, is not what America is about. We do not live in a dictatorship we live in a democracy. I am not in the military, I am married to a man in the military. His thoughts are not always mine and mine are not always his. My father did not rear me to buckle before authority if I was not in the wrong. He reared me to respect you for what you have accomplished and for the office you hold. He did not rear me to blindly follow you and surrender my legal civil liberties.

My grandfather was a Commander in the Navy, my uncle served and was wounded in Viet Nam and my father was a Naval pilot. None of them served for our country to allow you to take away my rights. I called my dad last night and he said that I am not under your jurisdiction. He said you are allowing a young woman who is not in the military to affect your military actions. She is not in command over you and yet she is leading you down an inappropriate path.

I am pregnant. The idea that you can harass my husband for my thoughts and the knowledge that this woman is verbally attacking me is beginning to stress me. This had better not adversely affect my pregnancy."

Okay, back to me, just Spacey. What are my thoughts as if I have not already told you?

You want to see "Hell Freeze Over" well I have just been advised that it just froze over. I am writing in my blog on a worse rant than you.

I am understanding that someone I know is writing the Secretary of the Navy, and the Chief of the Navy. Do they want to be bothered with this. Probably not but you know what. This should have been something between the two women which did not involve the Navy. It was the Navy chiefs who made this a military issue.

Unless this is reversed and the chief actually speaks with appropriate people, unless an apology is given, the Captain of the boat will get a response from Admiral Mike Mullian, Chief of Naval Operations and the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Donald C. Winter.

I am writing something of my own regarding the psychotic woman who runs on paranoia:

Liz when you can not touch someone's soul you resort to being viscious. You have lied about this girl and there is proof.

And you chiefs, shame on you, both of you to let a vicious woman command you and the way you treat your men. You were rude to even say to a woman when she asked if she could tell her story and this Elsbet tell hers, "Sure, Michael since you are going to run this meeting anyway." That sentence shows you had no respect for her and were already biased. You did not speak with anyone of the lies the other woman spoke. Oh, I forgot in this man's Navy only an officer shows respect for a woman regardless of his opinion?

How dare you, supposedly the leader of these men, go into a meeting which should have been inpartial, without having spoken to the witnesses regarding any lies which Elsbet may have been speaking. You have, in my opinion, show a little less of leadership and a little more or biased regurgiance of only the things you have been told.

Oh, and by the way, slander is deliberately and knowingly spreading lies about an individual, business, etc. I believe that this Liz and her husband may be more guilty of spreading slander while this woman, albiet, not using the best of judgement spoke what had been spoken to her without checking it out. Since your last infamous rudeness, Chief, she has been careful to rarely speak of this person and never mention her name.

So, are you finally, going to speak to a witness and see who is really psychotic and spreading vicious lies?

Thre my rant is over. Though the silly issue isn't.

2007-08-16 10:20:50 ET

you wonder why im not in the navy anymore?

2007-08-21 22:36:11 ET

So what made you stay in San Diego?

2007-08-21 23:40:16 ET

i like the area and dad lives in Tijuana.

2007-08-22 16:39:26 ET

That is an extremely good reason. Were you from that area to begin with?

2007-08-22 21:52:32 ET

no, im from central california, fresno county

2007-08-23 16:06:44 ET

I lived on Coronado for a while. I loved it.

2007-08-23 17:00:58 ET

you live in SD?

2007-08-24 13:45:36 ET

No, but I use to live in Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Coronado. My favorite hang out was Mission Beach. In fact it is where some of my poetry came from. I love the sea.

2007-08-24 14:00:04 ET

were do you live now?

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