Life is too full to give up
2007-09-26 14:02:47 ET

Life is a wonderful thing. It is worth living to the fullest and enjoying every moment.

My husband, a paramedic, says that suicide is the last irrational act of an irrational person. Yesterday, someone I knew casually, drove onto a railroad track. She put her dog and the dog's puppies in a box on the back seat. She set the parking brake and waited. The train did what she wanted but the dog and puppies lived and are now being cared for where I work. Was this person so unhappy that she could not see the end result on her family?

Her son, a college student, was notified at school. Her ex-husband comes to visit the dogs. Will they live their lives wondering how they could have helped her, how they could have stopped this senseless death?

Each person, friends, acquaintances all wonder. How could I have helped?

2007-09-26 14:33:58 ET

suicide is selfish.

2007-09-26 14:43:33 ET

You are right. The problem is that they are so deep in their depression that they cannot see that.

2007-09-26 14:55:20 ET

its incredibly messy as well

2007-09-26 15:00:01 ET

True....though usually a woman will not be messy about it.

2007-09-26 15:01:53 ET

well theres the body to take care of.

2007-09-26 15:07:24 ET

I think in the womans mind she sees it as all tidy and neat. Go to sleep, etc. They don't realize what all the body does after it dies. They simply see this neat little person sleeping so sweetly. (Sorry, this is my perception of what they see not what is actually in their mind.)

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