In the Telling
2008-05-03 07:23:50 ET

I have been told by someone I find very reliable that we are no longer a manufacturing society in America. We are now a service oriented society. We want our service, we want top dollar service, (regardless of what we are willing to pay) and we want it right now if not before we think we want it.

Our children watch TV and play video games for hours on end. Sometimes, as young and even older adults, we watch or play long into the night.

Our sex life can now be satisfied via computer or phone. Thus, one does not even have to leave the house nor do we need the company of someone in our home. Sure saves on cleaning house!

The muscles on our arms fall, our belly becomes flabby, our fannies flatten out, our legs are rendered useless, and our sexual drive will only work with our hand or a manufactured toy.

Kick-the-can at dusk, hide-and-seek, jump rope and playing basketball in the driveway are slowly becoming a part of the extinct past. No more beautiful surfer bodies will be seen because we can ride the Wii.

Is this truly what 2025 will bring us? Is the future foretold by the past really what will be seen? Will we drift in lovely long gowns with no need of outside stimulation because we have holograms to fulfill all our desires? Will we no longer carry our own children? Will our test tube babies become clones of the most beautiful in society with only a few going to the brightest. It will be the brightest few who make sure we do not crash so we must have those you see.

Life with no pain, no fear and no thought of the future. Life where we reach a certain age and are zapped so the new "we" can begin.

Is 2015 real? What is the blood moon? Will the end finish this before it begins? What does "No man knoweth the hour." really mean?

Are these questions I am asking you my friends? No! Just statements of a wandering mind from one who is indeed anciana.

Service, oh Master Robot, service now if you please!

2009-03-02 17:28:57 ET

read that

2009-03-03 06:35:40 ET

I will, thanks....

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