Hello Subkultures.net
2009-03-29 09:32:31 ET

Hi, everyone

Im new to Subkultures.net and just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone hello. Ive been busy lately so i havent been able to be online much but hopefully im going to get my page up and running soon.

2009-03-29 09:42:45 ET

Welcome to SK!

2009-03-29 11:57:48 ET

Welcome welcome!

*leans in and whispers* Whatever they offer you, DON'T GET IN THE VAN.

By the way, your avatar picture is gorgeous.

2009-03-29 12:08:03 ET

welcome. :]

2009-03-29 13:45:23 ET

hello and welcome

*pssstttt!!* i have candy and puppies in my van, dont you want to play with the puppies?!

2009-03-29 14:09:56 ET

Welcome! :)

2009-03-29 15:55:02 ET

Welcome to Subkultures.net!!!! :)

2009-03-29 15:58:57 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2009-03-29 19:04:50 ET

dont die

2009-03-30 05:00:38 ET

hey, nice to see some more new blood.

2009-03-30 07:15:38 ET

Welcome! =]

2009-04-01 07:29:50 ET

wow everyone here is so friendly. its such a refreshing change from other sites.

2009-04-01 08:22:05 ET

I pretend pretty well... ;)

2009-04-01 08:39:13 ET

I just like having an excuse to touch people.

2009-04-01 09:19:47 ET

And so the addiction begins....

2009-04-01 19:55:45 ET

Everyone here is friendly until you stop giving them meth

and then its hell

2009-04-23 17:53:38 ET

Welcome to SK!

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