everyone was arrogant last night.
2005-07-17 02:15:46 ET

Out at about 7 AM last "night" I got into a conversation about art with a stranger for lack of anything better to do. I would assume he was drunk, although I never actually saw him drink anything. I stopped listening quickly, as the conversation was one of those where the other person doesn't realize you're mocking him, his arrogance, and the fact that he never lets you get a word in--(don't get me wrong--this can be very entertaining, but nothing was much fun last night). Something about his art being his own, fuck everyone else, blah blah blah. Of course, when he heard snips of a gay marriage debate he said, "Two men fucking each other up the ass? That's fucking disgusting, man." In my eyes, that statement contradicts his previous one, which is about him wanting enough respect from others to be able to live his life and do what he loves. Eventually I closed my eyes and ignored him; I had one of those headaches brought on by misplaced compulsive cocaine use brought on by lack of enjoyment and distaste for your company, and the fact that you're wasting perfectly good cocaine on a bad night.

2005-07-17 08:07:08 ET

Yeah typical moron speak. Don't you love it? I love your avatar. That really caught my eye :D

2005-07-17 11:22:29 ET

i like you, you should stay. :)

2005-07-18 22:53:12 ET

doktor--i'm not going anywhere...where would i go?

2005-07-19 03:40:06 ET

lotsa people appear, post for a few weeks, and disappear. Don't be one of them, you = cool.

2005-07-19 10:04:19 ET

Last night was fun. And you were right, I dont remember a lot of it. But I remember hitting on you for several hours...

2005-07-20 05:12:09 ET

xanithe: do you remember what you figured out about your current situation? because that's important.

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