brief drive through the swamp
2005-07-22 07:07:52 ET

I had a nice moment on Wednesdsay. I was on the road to Baton Rouge, which is about an hour north of New Orleans. There is a long bridge over nothing but swampland which begins under two curving overpasses. I don't believe I noticed them before; they're very futuristic and odd amidst the dead tree trunks and algae. Ahead I could see mist and after a mile or so I drove right into torrential rain, out of nowhere. I left my windows down and got wet and laughed.

2005-07-22 10:08:02 ET

i wish you had taken some pictures.

2005-07-22 10:12:23 ET

it's so strange that you said that. for two reasons. 1, i was on my way to a photo shoot. 2, i'm at this very moment obsessing over photography on deviantart and shopping for a camera.

i have a nice slr that i used to do darkroom photography with. but since i can't print in a darkroom anymore i just don't believe in using it. it...hurts to use it.

i'm absolutely DYING to get a digital camera. and i never thought i'd say that. but it's really the only way i am going to be able to make the art i want to make at this point in time.

2005-07-22 10:42:06 ET

I love my digital camera, I never leave home without it.

BTW, went and looked at your pics; you're gorgeous, I can see why you were on your way to a photoshoot. :)

2005-07-22 12:03:31 ET

awww! thanks so much.

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