photo editing programs?
2005-07-22 17:13:13 ET

I spent the last 3.5 hours editing photos for my modeling portfolio. I really don't know what the hell I'm doing, but if I don't do it, a lot of times no one does. (Why the fuck would you fly somewhere to shoot someone, pay them money, and never use the images for anything?) All I have is PhotoImpression by ArcSoft. I thought about getting Photoshop Elements 2.0 because it's pretty cheap used on but after reading some reviews I don't see much of a difference in the two programs. I sure as hell can't afford the real Photoshop.

Does anyone have any tips on PhotoImpression...does anyone even use PhotoImpression? Anyone think buying Elements is worthwhile?

[Anyone want to give me feedback on my editing? I can't tell if it looks like crap or not, honestly. Personal opinions count...even if you know jack about these sort of things. The images have to appeal to a wide audience, right? The link is and the ones that I edited are indicated above the picture where I give credits.]

2005-07-22 17:38:43 ET

I like the pics in your gallery. I haven't used any of the other programs. I jsut run with photoshop to work on my images.

2005-07-22 19:04:24 ET

The colors are wonderful.
And the contrast: A++.

2005-07-22 19:18:47 ET

biomechanic--the colors are what i'm always most worried about. i like to either really mute them or make them kind of yellowish...thanks so much for looking :)

2005-07-22 20:08:04 ET

PhotoImpression is horrible.

Get the Elements, it's worth it.

I have Photoshop CS, and LOVE it, but Elements is easier to use.

2005-07-22 21:03:55 ET

Yeah I just stick to good 'ol photoshop. Haven't heard of Elements though, perhaps I might give it a try.

Also, I love the mood in your pictures. Very nice.

2005-07-23 04:59:49 ET

P-shop elements will be better for you, it's easy to use and has a lot of good tools.

your pics look good.

2005-08-04 19:31:24 ET

Elements is a good investment. If you want you can try GIMP or filmGIMP which is more for large sized images. It's freeware and the basically the equivalent of Photosop.

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