2005-11-14 19:55:25 ET

My "Self Start Anxiety Kit" was a hit, at least with Michael Aurbach, which is all that matters (I do admire him so...go look: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/finearts/aurbach/ ) At the critique he said things like, "you've really hit on a gold mine", "you could get 10 years of work off of this theme", etc. That meant something coming from him because, as I said, I admire him and his work and his education.

The next project's parameters: plaster, and the concept of dessication (the concept was chosen by lottery).

In other news, I took some great pictures of Vanderbilt's beautiful campus (it's a national arboretum, did you know?) with its fall leaves and then my camera mysteriously stopped working. Research has proven it to be a common thing with this camera, officially making it a piece of shit. I didn't buy it, it was my parents' and they gave it to me thinking they'd get another down the road (post-Katrina guilt gift). It's only taken 1026 pictures...

So now I can't take pictures of my sculptures, or finish the project by making a user's manual. Mother fucker.

2005-11-19 20:14:38 ET

hrmmmmm did I meet you last sunday at NV??? you were there with cian right???

2005-11-19 23:11:19 ET

i was! it's funny, i've run into you on nashvillegothic, lj, and now here and i'm just realizing who you are :) nice to "see" you again.

2005-11-20 04:25:08 ET

hahah, bad ass.

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