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 NEW DJs    2007-02-06 05:41:20 ET
Hi there,

We are going to be doing some major overhauls in the next few weeks and we need to add some new DJs to our playlist. We are currently seeking DJs in the following genres :

Talk Radio (non-religious)
Industrial & Noise
Goth & Synthpop
Hip-Hop & Underground Rap
R&B & Jazz
Punk & Ska

To be a DJ you must have experience with Shoutcast Streaming (preferrably with Spacial Audio Broadcaster - SAM3 or Winamp); must be able to do your show bi-monthly; must have a good quality microphone and speakerphone. Your radio show must run 60 minutes minimum every two weeks and you must be willing and able to do "field" interviews with local bands or interviews via speakphone with bands. We need people who are professional, adaptable, and consistent who want to share their music with others!

Send a small photo, 10 sec audio soundbyte, sample playlist, and short personal description/resume to As always, serious inquiries only. Don't waste our time and we won't waste yours.


Station Manager