Quite exciting...
2005-01-01 14:07:38 ET

Quite exciting this computer magic.

Things to do list.
2005-01-01 09:13:49 ET

1) Learn PHP
2) Jam outside with Chris in 65 degree weather
3) Work on project
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Something to do...
2004-12-29 07:22:02 ET


Anyone from the island interested? Twins? Mitch? Anyone?


Quote from http://sdf.lonestar.org/index.cgi?why regarding account verification
2004-12-28 23:26:17 ET

"Anyone who has access to a computer has access and the ability to spare a
dollar. That is the plain and simple truth.

From some yuppie who drinks his $5 cup of coffee with a wireless lan
connection at a starbucks, to a street punk kid whose only access is a
WYSE 50 TTY at a public library a buck is hardly a hardship."

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
2004-12-28 09:58:35 ET

Looking for some NWOBHM. Help is welcome.

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