Good morn'n!
2003-11-27 05:33:03 ET

Happy Thanksgiving all! I'm gonna visit family in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) today, that should be fun (as long as there's enough beer) My uncle's a really good cook. Now if you'd excuse me, I have to give me boots a shining.

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sorry for the inconvience
2003-11-24 20:01:33 ET

If you had an conversation with me between 5 and 6pm on monday, november 24th than you weren't having a conversation with me. I ran off to math at 5:00pm after I left my stuff in ACM. I was too lazy to turn off my laptop nontheless log off aim and all that stuff. Two of my friends had some REAL fun. Heres an interesting conversation dug out from the logs. This is a conversation between "me" and a guy I knew from working during summer '99 (when I was 16 and he was 19). The last and first time I IMed him (first time after I left the previously mentioned job) was a little under two years ago but he didn't seem to remember me then and he obviously doesn't now. I never talked to this guy, I just had him on my buddy list cause the handle looked good there. I would normally hide the other handle to protect indentity and privacy when pasteing a conversation on a blog but that would defeat the whole purpose in this case.

IM Sessions with Whoa Oh
---- New Conversation @ Mon Nov 24 17:34:40 2003 ----
CountMech: WHOA
Whoa Oh: Oh
Whoa Oh: so what's going on?
CountMech: um...
CountMech: actually, i was wondering who this is :-/
Whoa Oh: it's Jonnie Whoa Oh
Whoa Oh: aren't you trevor
CountMech: OH!
CountMech: yeah
CountMech: sorry
Whoa Oh: it's confusing being a civilian i know
CountMech: yea.. it's been too long..
Whoa Oh: here here to that
CountMech: so how have you been handling it?
Whoa Oh: your absence?
Whoa Oh: with tears and whiskey
CountMech: awe
Whoa Oh: outside of columbus what does teh future hold?
CountMech: anyone's guess
Whoa Oh: i like that
CountMech: we'll just have to wait and see
Whoa Oh: could be much worse
CountMech: yea...

Girl pants
2003-11-23 13:37:07 ET

I think Geddy's wearing girl pants on the Rush in Rio dvd. Can anyone else confirm this?
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I really don't do quizzes but here's one I couldn't pass up.
2003-11-20 09:38:03 ET

Robert Heinlein wrote you - your stranger in a
strange land, you.

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

He is one of my favorites.

My new desktop wallpaper/background
2003-11-18 07:35:05 ET

Its cool because its cartoon Black Sabbath not because its a picture of a bunch hairy drunk guys!

...actually, its a little of both. Chix used to dig hairy drunk guys! I was a hairy guy once! Chix didn't dig me.

Watch the whole strip here ->

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