2003-08-04 00:27:59 ET

Heres a post before I goto to bed...

Since the big Maiden show, I've been rather obsessed with them. I've been listening to them for awhile now (only 3 years, even awhile before I started listening to bands like Rush) and seeing them perform live was a pretty big turning point in my following of Iron Maiden. The show itself was lacking the best and/or full set. I'm not saying that they weren't playing at their usual best, they just didn't play many of the songs I wanted to hear. What they did play I'm very thankful for. I wore my Rush shirt to the event and as I took my 30 minute trek to find a potty in the expansive arena of Madison Sqaure Garden, there were atleast 10 people telling me "RUSH RULES!" All this took place between DIO and Maiden so I didn't miss anything. The major highlights...

-Lemmy is God, Only saw Motorhead for a very short time, have to see 'em again.
-Dio is awesome, Craig Goldy is a great guitarist! highlights include Rainbow revisits such as Stargazer, and Black Sabbath revisits as Heaven and Hell (Goldy wouldn't pull off Iommi's Guitar solo yet he can play Blackmore so well.)
-Maiden was great but I feel it could've been better, they played only one song (The Clairvoyant) from my current favorite album "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"

I hate saying things like that but they didn't even play Powerslave. It was still a great show though.

In other news, my "Home Computer Consulting" gig is going pretty well. I've been paid some pretty decent pocket money during the last week. It took me that long to fix a "client's" problem. Another client has even latched on. Its too bad the summer's almost over, I could've had some pretty hefty cash saved up if I had thought of this idea sooner. The people I'm working for are very nice and seem to have alot of confidence in me. The last thing I wanna do is dissapoint them. I've even been helping my older friend Bob with his computer problems. Bob lives in the city and is a pretty high-end customer compared to the people I work with locally. I help him do some linux installs and I've also been attempting to work with his WLAN (wireless net) toys. The people that read my flyers only seem to have windoze boot-up problems or something of that nature. Its all alot to deal with since it takes awhile to find the problem and fix-it.

*excuse my tired typos*

2003-08-04 03:17:22 ET

Hey as long as they played Run to the Hills what else could you ask for right?!?!?!?!?!

2003-08-04 08:06:28 ET

Actually, they played that for the encore. Thats really not my favorite song either.

2003-08-04 12:29:54 ET

hey does anyone you work with need design work or web programming? if they do i can give you some business cards of mine....

2003-08-04 17:34:33 ET

I was thinking about offering those services myself but my design skills are pretty weak. I'd be very happy to refer you if any one needed such services. Lets make a day of meeting up and exchanging cards.

2003-08-04 17:38:56 ET

hey, maybe we could start a loose organization together....cross reference each other and maybe work together once in a while.

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