Yeah, well....
2003-09-05 08:49:38 ET

...I've been meaning to update for awhile now. School started tuesday and its been a hell of a time. My CS professor looks like one the guys from The Moody Blues. There will be more but I am in "lab" and waiting for the windbag to end the introductory lecture so I can get on with my fucking (pardon me french) life! It'll be grand to see some of you at the 2600 meet tonight!

2003-09-05 09:21:27 ET

you better be there biotch. i will have my digicam with its new 128 meg card so there will be mad pix of mad chix. and you, if you decide to be there.

2003-09-05 09:40:53 ET

wow, i'm impressed, i wouldn't know any of the moody blues if i fell over them. and i'm older than dirt.

2003-09-05 10:11:53 ET

i wuv tetesurooooooooo

i wanna go to a meet?

2003-09-05 11:06:33 ET

yes. you do.

2003-09-05 11:27:24 ET

oooh! 2600. I am a computer illiterate but I love to read that magazine. There's an odd sort of community feel to it. And they have good info that is occasionaly understandable even to illiterates.

lol SA9!

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