I got a zippo!
2003-09-27 15:58:10 ET

How come peeps don't use Zippo's to light up anymore? I don't even smoke but I had to get one. I may start cigar smoking but for now, I'll always have a light for the ladies. I also got some new books from the used book store.

Hocus Pocus - K.Vonnegut
Neuromancer - W.Gibson
The Memory of Earth - OS.Card

I really wanted to get more Dune novels but they only had the classic first Dune of which I already bought a copy of, from that same place just under two years ago.

I'm surprised that place still exist (Barrett Book Traders). I only get a chance to go there occasionally but its fun to go there and find something. I've only been there two other times and both times during a saturday. Its like a pilgrimage for me to go towards that end of the neighborhood. The last time I was there was just under two years ago so I wasn't sure at all if the place existed. Everytime I've made this pilgrimage, I feel a transcental change coming over me. This bookstore is in a pretty earthly part of the island. I always end up exploring something when I make these sort of trips. I even overheard a conversation from one of the store keeps about gay chinese people having sex on his hotel bed.

After book store and smoke shop, I walked all the way to my end of the world. I went a bit of stalk'n for my HS crush who was not to be found. Theres a pretty long (or short) story about that which will be told in later comments or post.

Oh, I even had my dad get the fuel for this thing on his way to the wine store. I forgot to get zippo fuel in the first place but I have it now. FIRE RULES!

2003-09-27 16:39:07 ET

I have Neuromancer, but never read the entire thing.

A lot of people don't use Zippos because they're less convienient than Bics. Plus they have a funny smell coming off of them sometimes.

2003-09-27 17:55:33 ET

Sounds like a good day to me.

2003-09-27 18:34:21 ET

Yeah! I noticed that smell! eh, its not bad, the cost of fuel is even pretty cost effective.

2003-09-27 21:06:29 ET

zippos are practically vintage. :) and it does sound like you had a good day. :)

2003-09-28 12:07:46 ET

Hey, Zippos are good for lookin' cool. ;)

2003-09-28 12:30:38 ET


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