Damn, I forgot my suit!
2003-10-08 16:57:46 ET

Well, today was career fair at my school. I was supposed to come all dressed up and elite looking BUT I thought that was all tomorrow. I look so fucking awesome in this suit too! I look like the Godfather! I already wore it to my cousins wedding on saturday.

Yeah, me and my adult cousin Ann Marie are pretty close. Shes spent all major holidays with my end of the family for years. Lest I forget her father, my Uncle Robert whos been more like a really awesome gradpa to me.

The wedding was good, an HS mate of mine was one of the photographers. Her name is Andrea and we used to be in AP government class together with this looney teacher. I saw her on the bus on two occasions during the last two years since highschool. I asked her to dance but she was super busy taking tons of pictures. I wanted to grab her phone number by the end of it all but I didn't find her. Shes pretty darn swell looking too (SHES M4D CH1X!) We did talk plenty between pictures, mostly about HS days.

Well, I was dressed in my Rush shirt, Chux, jeans (The ones with Geddy Lee's last name branded on the tag just to match with the shirt), and the usual hooded black sweatshirt. I gave IBM and SMSC my resume. IBM seemed pretty interested, just enough to set it aside when other resumes weren't. The Time Warner table was right next to IBM but it turns out that theres no chance I'm working there since a known relative of mine (ahem, Mom) works there. I wasn't aware of this when I applied online for their telemarketing position and neither was my Mom. Oh well.

2003-10-08 17:42:09 ET

Hey, that's not cool about the Time Warner thing! But at least IBM seems promising. What was the job fair for?

2003-10-08 22:55:03 ET

It was just the annual career fair, mostly in place for graduating seniors but also for lower classmen like myself to get internships or part time postions practicing my major. IBM does seem a bit promising. I hope to get my grades up by the end of the semester. My GPA currently shows that I'm pretty much underqualified for mostly anything at this point. Alot of my resume is fluff that I practice on my own time which was learned outside of coursework and isn't backed-up by any type of certification. Thats the fluff that IBM seemed interested in. *crosses fingers*

2003-10-09 05:19:12 ET

sounds like things are rolling along quite nicely for you!!!

*waves* :D

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