Attention all Halloweeners
2003-10-22 18:12:58 ET

I'll be either there and/or somewhere else that evening. This will probably be the rare moment where one will see me outside the house and school. Anyone's invited to join me. I've always wanted to spend Halloween with people, people would be quite nice.

2003-10-22 19:02:31 ET

that looks like fun. I'll be handing out candy to brats in the neighborhood, and eating a good prtion of it myself. ;)

what are you dressing up as?

2003-10-22 19:20:57 ET

Hmm, I don't know. Last year I wanted to be Geddy Lee (in the likliness of the Gedsuro pic, whats more scary than that?) but I don't know where to find the wig. I would probably borrow the thick glasses from my mom but I don't think I could see through them.

Maybe I'll be a generic alien thingy instead.

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