Oh, Happy Day!
2003-10-27 15:19:38 ET

History of Science B+
Real interesting talk, believes I'm doing well in the class

Introductory Physics 1 Perfect score
Had to be, that test was way too easy. Leaves me with suspician on how the second midterm will be implemented.

Oh, and I'm finally done with Linear Algebra-> 'C-'

All I talked about on this journal since april was "linear algebra this, and linear algebra that..." I have now started Differential Equations with Yisong Yang as the Prof. I've had him before and his teaching has improved since then. He actually brings more flare to the class and is as thorough as ever in covering the material.

2003-10-27 15:30:27 ET

Good teachers create good students :-D Algebra just creates confused people.

2003-10-27 16:27:27 ET

I loved my math classes. never got beyond calc 2 though.

2003-10-27 20:30:01 ET

Thats alright! I remember the second part of calc 2 being a bitch to get through. My friend is taking the first part for the 5th time. How'd you manage?

2003-10-28 07:26:07 ET

a tutor. and big loads of enthusiasm for the subject. I was terrible at physics, but math was like a fun puzzle.

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