M4D CH1X (Part one)
2003-10-28 17:41:18 ET

The second part should be the halloween parade and the third should be the King Diamond show at lamours on the 7th (anyone interested in joining me, my pals and gals?)

Mother took me and my brother shopping for some new threads. YES, mom still takes her men shopping once in awhile. She treated me and my brother to some Pea Coats from... Old navy. Dammit, I sold out to preppieness BUT they're nice especially with the hat (You know what hat I'm talking about). I also had my eyes open for a wig to complete my costume. Hot Topic even had this Mullet wig but it was priced steeply at $27.95 I also got two new Iron Maiden shirts (Killers and Piece of Mind)

So yeah, I'll be haunting some convienent stores for wigs throughout the week.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the chix! Theres was this cute one who ringed up my shirt at Hot Topic (too much HT, I really didn't want to go there but they have my shirts dammit) Well, she might be going to the parade also but shes supposely working.
At the walgreens, while my mother paid for cancer, I ended having a small conversation with a swell looking baby doll (preppie maybe? I need more stereotypes) woman about piano playing (she plays). I was in a rush to rejoin my mom to get home so I didn't get her number or anything.

2003-10-28 17:44:39 ET

i have an old navy peacoat.

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