M4D CH1X II (La Villa Strangiatto)
2003-11-01 21:35:37 ET

I didn't even start studying. Just cleaning pots all night and talking to mom.

Well, we got to the olive garden but no one from the group was there to be found. I really had to pee and the first thing Tommy does is order a round from the bar in this joint. We walked around plenty to get here (through blocked off streets and all that) so I was pretty disappointed that no one was to be found.
It turns out that the mens room was closed so they just had everyone use the ladies room for awhile. They moderated it so that only either guys or girls were in there at any particular time. I scoured the bathroom for a bit looking for a urinal but there was nothing to be found. I thought it would be in the wheelchair stall for some reason but it wasn't. Well, I don't like urinals anyways!
So, two beers later, the rest show up and I begin to hear the sound of my own voice. I sound like Paul Stanley from KISS!
We somehow got a table pretty promptly. Since three of us were already drinking at the bar, they just pushed us ahead the long line of people waiting outside.
I knew this place was expensive but I only had $9.00 in cash so I ended up using the emergency plastic to pay for my garlic bread slices with some fancy dip (I was informed an hour and half after ordering that they ran out of artechokes).
It was fun times nontheless. Sweet beautiful Fina modestly claims I behaved myself last night but I remember differently. God knows that the only thing that I could see was her belly button. Everything else just looked hazy. Fina looked like Peter Criss from KISS and so did her brother Rob.

Well, heres me in my other costume. That being me as my brother Ron

...and thats Katrina as a dead school girl. Special thanx to RTF for the images of last night.

2003-11-02 05:56:43 ET

nice pix!! you're so adorableeeeee

2003-11-02 06:40:52 ET

i want red fishnets...

2003-11-02 08:16:51 ET

nice costume. I apparently looked like myself for Halloween too. :D

2003-11-03 06:16:50 ET

Red Fishnets rock!

It kinda sux that theres no pix of me wearing my hat and glasses.

2003-11-03 07:13:36 ET

maiden! maiden! maiden! maiden!

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