I wanna be like...
2003-11-03 22:47:32 ET

This is the best website ever!


2003-11-03 23:02:57 ET

Lindy Young looks a bit like Christopher Walken in the 6th picture.

2003-11-03 23:22:22 ET

pretty cool to see the lifeline of rush in pictures O_o

2003-11-04 09:46:19 ET

geddy lee is aging very gracefully. :)

2003-11-04 09:56:23 ET

Yep, totally! I think the Hadrian 1969 is one of the best. Its like one of the badest ass rush pics around. Geddy even comes off as Lemmy Kilmister and Alex looks like David Gilmour from Floyd.

2003-11-04 10:51:12 ET

Yeah, I just noticed that. He does look like Chistopher Walker!

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