I'm tired and I wanna go home
2003-11-06 09:07:20 ET

I'm just sitting here in the cozy little library typing up my lab report. Someone amuse me.

2003-11-06 10:10:23 ET

Did you hear the one about the rabbi who did circumcisions for free?

He only took tips.

2003-11-06 10:44:51 ET

i love the joke.

and i have nothing to offer you.

except my company.

2003-11-06 16:11:45 ET

Well, female presence is always welcomed and that makes you another on my buddy page. And Thank you both for your amusment.

2003-11-06 20:51:11 ET

*makes funny face, does cartwheels*

2003-11-06 21:08:04 ET


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