I was just using windows.
2003-11-09 18:26:13 ET

I needed to run some version of matlab... but it turns out I didn't need to enough to run windows. Someone give me a unix copy! I could haggle the help desk at school to help me download the copy from matlab's website but they're a bunch of lazy fuckers.

2003-11-09 18:47:51 ET

my suggestion is talking to shadowstar (here on SK) about it

he's unix king

to say the least

2003-11-09 19:03:18 ET

I really appreciate your suggestion. The idea that theres a unix king on SK really pleases me but the last thing I wanna do is bother him for "warez" and "appz" that he probably doesn't have anyways. Well, I'm gonna check out his page.

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