Turkey sux!
2003-11-16 13:13:31 ET

...am I the only one that thinks so.

2003-11-16 13:14:13 ET

It's dry....

2003-11-16 13:47:18 ET

turkey is good when sliced so thin you can see through it and put on a sandwich with cheese and peppers and lettuce and mayonnaise and mustard..... otherwise its kinda icky.

2003-11-16 13:47:33 ET



2003-11-16 13:51:12 ET

Turkey is so disgusting

2003-11-16 14:11:43 ET

Dara: Yeah, thats what I look foward too, the sandwich!

Turkey is disgusting with all that shit in a plate called stuffing.

2003-11-23 22:18:10 ET

Get this: my coworkers are all getting together and getting a turduckin. A chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey.

THAT is scary.

2003-11-23 22:39:42 ET

That actually sounds really good

2003-11-24 04:50:06 ET

hheheheh well i put my money in on friday to give it a try, so i'll let you know ;)

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