I feel left out
2003-12-01 08:42:23 ET

How come I'm not one of the many results on the "Which SK member are you" quiz? Me and all my friends should be there!

2003-12-01 08:43:30 ET

Hey.... you're on my buddy list..
I'll add you on mine tonight....

there's 8 people on it so far.. but i'm gonna add my whole 57 people someday...

2003-12-01 08:44:56 ET

I feel you, dawg. I wanna be a result of a quiz too.

2003-12-01 08:45:08 ET

Shi: Why, thank you! I can't believe you're not on my list as well. That'll change.
Still: Everyone should wanna be you compared to some of those techno freaks on there.

2003-12-01 08:51:19 ET


2003-12-01 19:15:44 ET

Heh... i'm trying to add my list.. meh.. it's gonna take FOREVER

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