2003-12-01 08:49:03 ET

I don't wanna goto class and I'm not doing the weekly paper on the difference between a mouse and a man.

2003-12-01 09:04:20 ET

i didn't want to go to class today...i forced myself to go....then saw how pointless the class was and walked out halfway through...i'm really not looking forward to finals

2003-12-01 09:12:48 ET

i dont want to BE in class!!!

2003-12-01 14:49:49 ET

I don't want to teach class. at least you guys can cut class. =)

2003-12-01 15:34:44 ET

Yep, cutting class with due consequence.

2003-12-01 15:36:39 ET

DOOD you get PAID to be there!

2003-12-01 19:34:29 ET

oh yeah. they pay me such a princely sum.

2003-12-01 19:37:55 ET

You should teach at my school! I pay so much money in tuition that if it went to your salery, it would be a hefty one. Who knows, perhaps you'll teach my next elective.

2003-12-02 05:44:11 ET

no no. teach at nova. save me. please.

2003-12-02 06:07:24 ET


I need to found Skymosher U. :D

2003-12-02 06:11:48 ET

DO IT. i'd attend in a heart beat. :D

2003-12-02 06:12:38 ET


There would be exit exams and they would be graded by skers. ;)

2003-12-02 06:12:55 ET

Ooh fuck. i'm in.

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