2003-12-03 08:20:32 ET

I don't think I can make it to that maiden show. $70 is a bit too steep... unless they mean $70 for two tix.

2003-12-03 08:21:03 ET

70 is spensive..

2003-12-03 08:50:48 ET

i paid $154 for 2 tix after all the service charges and shipping...but my dad's payin me back cuz its my berfday present...i actually got tix for the one thats on my birthday...
very very steep. MSG and Jones Beach were cheaper.

2003-12-03 11:39:47 ET

Yeah, I was actually surprised of how cheap they were. Maybe I should talk to my parants on making this a belated christmas present.

2003-12-03 12:36:01 ET

there ya go!

2003-12-04 14:41:44 ET

i'm spoiled from all my lame punk shows now i bitch if a show is over $10. you could always try to sneak in for free....

2003-12-04 17:06:49 ET

Depending on where it is, sneaking in might not be that hard. Good luck in getting there.

2003-12-04 19:07:27 ET

hammerstein ballroom. Any NYC venue seems to be prone to...
1) bribery (friend got $3.00 discount to see Opeth at Irving by handing his 20 bux to a security man)
2) Knowing someone that works there (How another friend saw maiden at MSG)
3) Social Engineering (Pretending to be roadie or even a member of the band)

Of course its not that simple but the gears in my head churn out ideas every second.

2003-12-05 17:33:42 ET

yeah. i wanted to go. but the drive + the tickets would be.. really expensive

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