Greg Land.
2003-12-14 15:38:55 ET

If you'd allow me to clue you all in on whats going on in Tetesuro Land, I believe you will be entertained for the duration that you read this post. For one thing, I've been away for almost the last week. Tuesday will be my first final and thursday will be my last. My family celebrates christmas early, by next weekend, since thats the day my mom has off from work. I have to do pretty well on my finals or else I may have nothing to celebrate. If all goes as planned, I will be off from school for a pretty long time until the beginning of the spring semester. I've be stuck in minisessions during the last two winter breaks. I shall find work to take up this time and make the much needed money to pay myself back for the new guitar I just brought.
Its a great instrument! Its an
    Ibanez artcore.

I got that, the case and the roland practice amp for about $440. Not a bad deal considering I got a really nice case and ride home out of it.
I went christmas shopping with/for my mom last night. There happened to be M4D_CH1X all over the mall too. Just which M4D_CH1CK do I pick is the question. Eh, most of 'em are just lame preppie ch1x anyway. In the words of Duke Nuekem, "I need to get some" know.

2003-12-14 15:50:56 ET


and your ibeenhad link doesn't work....

i think we need to cruise the maiden show for M4D_M3T4L_CH1X

2003-12-14 15:55:55 ET

Fixed. I wish I could get that text placement right. Hmm, I hope I could scrap the cash for that show.

2003-12-14 16:03:11 ET

Choke. $440 for a practice amp? How powerful is it? And what's the brand/model?

2003-12-14 16:03:46 ET

he got it all for $440.

2003-12-14 16:04:22 ET

Oh. Oh well I guess this is the time I admit something I've kept hidden for years.


I... I can't read.

2003-12-14 16:05:59 ET

you got the reading part down, its the comprehension part you need to work on =D

2003-12-14 16:18:05 ET

No no my comprehension's fine. It's the reading I have trouble with. I have a trained monkey read and type everything on the Internet for me.

2003-12-15 16:29:31 ET

ibanez r0x j00. my electric is an ibanez, i got it for about the same price, got the amp separately.

2003-12-15 16:34:28 ET

Really? What model?

2003-12-15 17:52:06 ET

good luck on exams :)

2003-12-15 18:02:30 ET

Thank ye!

2003-12-15 18:28:17 ET

and get your maiden_T1X

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