WMG's is pissed for sure!
2003-12-19 20:59:12 ET

(01:54:44) CountMech: I don't know, I'm sorta considering the maiden, it seem I'll have tons of time to think about those since 70 dollar tix take a hella long time to sell. Eh, maybe not, I mean Arch Enemy is the other band, thats a rip off. The MSG show was worth $70 compared to this.
(01:55:31) WMG: yeah
(01:57:19) CountMech: ...but I'm not to crazy about seeing a bunch of geriatrics with Steve Morse either. If I wanna see old people, I'd be at a senior center or a sabbath show.

2003-12-19 21:15:23 ET

ahahahah and they say ozzy got brain damaged now...as if before wasn't bad enough...

2003-12-21 08:56:22 ET

*laughs self silly*

*leans on cane*

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