What now?
2003-12-19 23:49:50 ET

Well, school's done, now it's time for me to move on. Tomorrow, My Uncle Robert and cousin Ann Marie are dropping by for our little Christmas party. I'll be sure to drink M4D_B33R! After the weekend finishes, I'm gonna find myself some employment to make some much needed cash. I also expect to make up for lost time with friends and parties during this long break. This is the first time that I'm not taking a fucking math class during my winter break, I hope to enjoy it.

M4D_CH1X and prosper.

2003-12-20 06:20:29 ET

:D :D :D sounds great!!! isnt it nice to be done?

2003-12-20 06:58:07 ET


go to batcave tonight. dick. or i'll hunt you down.

2003-12-20 06:58:53 ET

i want to go.

2003-12-20 07:00:59 ET

so come! or i'll have gott blatt hunt you down!

2003-12-20 07:05:14 ET

make him drive me. i dont wanna drive.

2003-12-20 07:18:49 ET


2003-12-20 08:44:43 ET

i'm a bad driver. i get nervous. : ( i am an awesome driver, but i get lost too easily. : ( : (

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