Can you figure it out?
2003-12-29 11:34:09 ET

(01:45:39) CountMech: Howdy H0 neighbor!
(01:45:51) V23: Hey
(01:46:04) CountMech: How's Christmas treat'n ya!?
(01:46:25) V23: not bad at all
(01:46:32) V23: who is that in your buddy icon?

(03:48:48) CountMech: ....but she couldn't sneak away from her mom to come outside with us.
(03:48:55) I Ball SoF: hahaha
(03:49:03) I Ball SoF: btw, who's that in your aim icon?

(15:06:15) CountMech: Yeah, my avatar rules!
(15:06:25) CountMech: It looks gay but it rules!
(15:06:42) WMG: it looks like a middle aged housewife

IM me to see and find out who and what it is.


2003-12-29 12:22:39 ET

I already know its Geddy Lee isn't it?

2003-12-29 12:36:09 ET


2003-12-29 12:48:46 ET

well i was just guessin' based on the "middle aged housewife" comment and your love for rush =D

2003-12-29 13:17:04 ET

Dammit, just IM me and see.

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