2003-12-31 20:25:06 ET

Another shot of Walker or another beer?

2003-12-31 20:34:51 ET

mmmm beer. mmmm alcohol. happy fucking new year

2003-12-31 20:41:15 ET

Go with the walker it works faster .

2003-12-31 20:46:07 ET

You kids today and your need for a fast pace way of things. Well, I chose the walker and I'm feeling quite nice. ...and happy fucking new year to you too Maureen and you as well excessivenoise lady!

2003-12-31 21:02:11 ET

Happy new year to you too and wow I havnt been called a kid in ages.

2004-01-01 11:07:57 ET

*giggles* she's not a kid, dude. refer to her as MILF and only MILF.

2004-01-01 11:11:16 ET

You MILFs today...

2004-01-01 11:16:41 ET

:: smacks Jesse ::

2004-01-01 11:18:53 ET

.....just what i needed =D

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