Alone, so fucken what?!
2004-01-01 11:10:11 ET

I spent the evening in my room with my good friends Johnny Walker, (He)Ineke(n), and my internet friends. My internet friends sucks. I mean, I wasn't complaining about the situation but atleast two of my friends were whining...

"I wish my girlfriend or boyfriend was here."

Well, I didn't get a girlfriend for Christmas so fuck you stupid spoiled american children! I was thinking of following my little brother and his friends to their little party but I'm in no mood for highschoolers (except present company.) Besides, that party went bust when some randoms kids started panicking about "DTs."

My brother and his friends crashed in the den and we all hung out for awhile watching Homestar cartoons. I went to bed really zonked at 5am which is bad because I woke up with a hung over and 9am and ended up nursing that till... now with more sleep and weird dreams.

Nice time was spent with the rest of the family during all this. We pigged out on chinese (food not people like last year). My dad took it upon himself to drink ALLLL the champaign and watch the ususal late night comedy. He kept falling asleep in front of the TV and everytime I saw him, he'd be watching the same exact scene/joke I saw him watching 15 minutes ago. It was alright! I'll be on party mode friday evening when I make my way to the 2600/HHH party.

2004-01-01 17:48:07 ET



"I wish my girlfriend or boyfriend was here."

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