2004-01-17 22:56:59 ET the best Rush song ever!

I started off the day by making the occasional yet rountine stop to the library to drop off "The Gunslinger" and pick up this. It is my intent to utilize such literature to build some guitar effects. I also picked up more fuel for my zippo (yeah, so?) It was a nice, long walk. I saw some inusually good looking M4D_CH1X during this trip, even at the library. Everytime I saw a female, they would either be leaveing when I came in or going into a car as I was passing by. They probably smelled me from a mile away.

Well, not much more then that. I had plans to go out and meet some broads (M4D_CH1X) but I couldn't find anybody else that would be interested in doing such things. I've spent another evening in my abode just generally chillen out. I hope to do something fun tomorrow. We'll see what fun is tomorrow.

Also, my brother and his friends were watching a video of their escapades at this New Years Eve party they attended. Quite interesting, such footage as kid in bubble jacket rolling downstairs included. By the way. the party went bust when someone yelled "DTs!" There probably weren't any detectives in sight according to my brother.

2004-01-21 20:32:50 ET


If you need recommendations to facilitate meeting M4D_CH1X ask any of us sk ch1x. I'm sure pixi and I can come up with a solid effective letter that lists your fine qualities!

2004-01-21 22:54:52 ET

A letter!? A letter to whom?

2004-01-22 06:01:24 ET

a general reference letter you can give to potential m4d_ch1x dates. ;)

2004-01-22 19:41:36 ET

This business of picking up M4D_CH1X looks alot like looking for a job, internship or other career/academic advancement. Let's say you did write this letter (which I may appreciate very much). Would I hand copies of said letter to CH1X that "are hiring" and wait for a phone call informing me of my appointment for "an interview?" It is not my intention to mean or sarcastic, I'm actually somewhat intriqued. You may write this letter if you can tell me what to do with it. I would really appreciate it actually.

2004-01-23 08:21:06 ET


I was being smartassed, but the idea ihas become very appealing. hmmmm...need to talk to ms pixi about this one. :)

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