2004-01-29 22:10:17 ET




2004-01-30 23:00:55 ET

hmm.. figures a state in the south would try to ban evolution.. This from a state with the confederate flag in their state flag *grumbles* I lived in Alabama for a few years and they seemed so so stuck in their ways. Plus everything there in general just moves at a slower rate.

2004-01-30 23:05:15 ET

I was referring to the Geddy Lee riding sled video/photoshop but on the subject of evolution... I've seen a dvd explaining "Why evolution is stupid." The only argument the video seemed to have was that evolution is just a belief as much as the creationist thoery. Thus, evolution is religion and shouldn't be taught in schools. I won't agree with that assertion.

2004-01-30 23:07:36 ET

Yeah.. I know.. leave it to me to notice the unimportant things on a page

2004-02-05 14:25:33 ET

that show is brilliant.

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