What's been on your mind Mr. Maglio?
2004-02-11 20:58:10 ET

Good question,

School mostly. With 20 credits on my plate, I sale through the depths of the abyss with tons of things to do. Never a dull moment in Greg Land. The Valintines day of rekoning is approaching. I cared last year (boo-hoo, I felt alone) but I'm not really sure where my thoughts/time will be on Saturday. I saw this cute girl in the computer lab at my school Tuesday. I thought I recognized her from highschool but I was mistaken. I didn't really talk with her at all. I just asked her what highschool she went too. I really hope I see her again and this one better not have a boyfriend or else I'm gonna loose it. They all have boyfriends these days.

Oh, my new toy came in the other day. It's a cisco aironet 350. A wireless ethercard to replace my last two.

2004-02-12 07:08:12 ET

ack, i can barely keep my sanity w/ 14 credits, how do you deal w/ 20???

2004-02-12 11:08:02 ET

Actually, 4 of these credits I already took last year. I'm taking it again because I didn't like the grade I earned during the last time... stupid data structures... But yeah, I'm probably taking 20 credit semesters until I graduate.

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