The weekend
2004-02-21 07:34:26 ET

Last weekend (that three day one) I didn't do much at all but homework and it was quite fulfilling. Today, I sorta planned on dropping by the library to drop a book off but I don't know if I even wanna do that.

Weekends are interesting for me. They give me a chance to seclude myself from the outside world. Even when I take my long walks to the library, I'm pretty much by myself. When I do go out these days with friends, it's usually a planned event. This mostly has to do with school of course, not that I'm complaining. I remember spending the winter break doing mostly the same. I'll contiune this later. Have a very good day.

2004-02-21 07:43:33 ET

I'm doing something similar, I have exam week coming up so I'm being a good girl and not doing much else.
I hope your studies are going well.

2004-02-21 08:44:45 ET

Thank you and likewise. I actually have a Comp Sci and Math test during the week. Should be fun...

2004-02-21 19:36:05 ET

i never get anything done on the weekends anymore. kinda ironic, when i used to work all weekend long i got more schoolwork done than i'm doing now

2004-02-22 13:44:30 ET

I know what you mean with the planning thing. My friends never seem to do anything spontaneous and I tend to spend a lot of my time now either being the girlfriend or being the loner. I like being the loner. Libraries rock.

2004-02-22 15:59:45 ET

Totally! See, most of my good friends live in Brooklyn meaning that I would need to take a long journey to see them. Even my friends on the island (Staten Island, where I live) are hard to reach since they all live on the other side from me. I do see them frequently enough but such distances give me a stronger choice of whether or not I wanna leave the house. I see my Brooklyn friends at school everyday during the week but when I don't have to be there, I have choices. I have the choice to go wherever I please without some friend deverting me or slowing me down. Don't get me wrong, I value my friends but I value my freedom of movement as well. It's like this Led Zepplien video where they show the band with their respective other lives when they're not touring with each other. Excuse the loooonnng blurb, I just wanted to keep your attention since it's your first time here. :)

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