Mr. Maglio's post.
2004-03-10 10:17:34 ET

So, I dressed up for the career fair at my school today. I felt like Dave Coverdale all day today cause I'm so awesome!

On a footnote, some girl I know made it a point to avoid me at the subway station. She hid behind a piller to make sure I didn't see her. I could've went up to her to ask her what's wrong but I didn't recognize her at first. Well, I guess I have that affect on people as well.

M4D_CH1X and Good Day,

-Mr. Maglio

2004-03-11 11:49:35 ET

i guess tis the season, i have a career fair going on at my school next week, i need to make up a resume. its not going to be pretty...

2004-03-11 18:42:45 ET

Make up stuff and wear something nice (HOT!) and make sure to take pictures;-) I'll post pictures of me in a suit soon enough.

2004-03-11 18:58:00 ET

wear something nice/hot to a career fair...hmmm what if i dress like a stripper?? there's a career.... HAH

2004-03-12 07:08:46 ET


Well, I'm sure a lady such as yourself can find a more dignified and rewarding career.

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