I smell a music snob.
2004-03-21 20:05:37 ET

The playlist for this evening

Don't Break the Oath
Very underated players.
Mercyful Fate - A Dangerous Meeting
Mercyful Fate - Nightmare
Mercyful Fate - Desecration Of Souls
Mercyful Fate - Night Of The Unborn -- Sound's like The King himself is in the room about to rip my heart from my chest and than sacrifice me to the altar.
Mercyful Fate - The Oath
Mercyful Fate - Gypsy
Mercyful Fate - Welcome Princess Of Hell
Mercyful Fate - To One Far Away
Mercyful Fate - Come To The Sabbath -- Reminds of alot of the Boy Scout ceremonies I've attended.

Balls to Picasso
Love the style, even the hipsters should dig this. This was only my first listen of said album.
Bruce Dickinson - Cyclops
Bruce Dickinson - Hell No
Bruce Dickinson - Gods of War
Bruce Dickinson - 1000 Points of Light
Bruce Dickinson - Laughing in the Hiding Bush
Bruce Dickinson - Change of Heart
Bruce Dickinson - Shoot All the Clowns
Bruce Dickinson - Fire
Bruce Dickinson - Sacred Cowboys
Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon

Some very talented musicians I had to pleasure of seeing at Lamours several times.
Exit to Eternity - Death Before Dishonor
Exit to Eternity - Grip
Exit to Eternity - Krystal Nacht
Exit to Eternity - Oblivion
Exit to Eternity - Kamikaze Pilot

The best band EVER!!!
Hold Your Fire
Rush - Force Ten
Rush - Time Stand Still
Rush - Open Secrets -- Great!
Rush - Second Nature
Rush - Prime Mover
Rush - Lock and Key
Rush - Mission
Rush - Turn The Page -- Awesome!
Rush - Tai Shan
Rush - High Water

Caress of Steel
Rush - Bastille Day
Rush - I Think I'm Going Bald -- Perhaps I am.
Rush - Lakeside Park
Rush - The Necromancer
Rush - The Fountain of Lamneth -- Everything music should be in just less than 20 minutes.

Fuck'n A, it's Dio!
Rainbow - Tarot Woman
Rainbow - Run With The Wolf
Rainbow - Starstruck
Rainbow - Do You Close Your Eyes -- Do you???
Rainbow - Stargazer -- His eyes bleed here.
Rainbow - Light In The Black

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