2004-03-26 21:54:37 ET's been awhile since I had a pair. It turns out my head is smaller than I thought it was. I'm cool because I listen to Maiden while wearing cool sunglasses.

This week has been an adventure. I saw Krissey (friend I know from way back) TWO TIMES within the same week. I also took and passed (just passed) the retake for the multi-variable calc exam. I'm totally down with that but I flunked the Physics II midterm. I only scored 5 out of 15 questions as correct. I'll have to spend some time going over physics during the spring break (starts next week, very excited!!!)

I can't wait for the spring break. I should have most of my school business rapped up by then so that I can actually enjoy the spring break this year. I plan to visit some friends I haven't seen in a while and generally just chill out. OH! ...and look for job as well. Mostly chill. That's what I'm all about, chill'n. M4D_CH1LL (My brother used to say that about people ALLL the time, that's how the phrase, M4D_CH1X, was derived.)

If I get through the two test I have during the next week and submit my lab ON TIME, everything will be peachy keen.

2004-03-28 19:50:21 ET

i was just thinking i need sunglasses too...someone deboed mine a couple months ago. i'm hoping someone "loses" some nice ones at my job so i can get a free pair from lost and found

2004-03-28 20:06:08 ET

hah, I'll put my thoughts on that as well in your regard. =)

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