2004-05-04 19:26:17 ET

"You must be logged in to view this member's page."

2004-05-05 05:25:52 ET

cuz your account settings are set that way!

2004-05-05 07:04:09 ET

No, I mean, why do users bother with such action in general? I mean, by blocking their pages.

2004-05-05 07:16:21 ET

I do it because I don't want certain people to see when i write bad things about them. such as the members of my old band...you've seen me talk mad shit about them i'm sure. i wouldn't want them to see it.

did you get my PM?

2004-05-05 09:16:08 ET

Well, I just think it's kinda pussy. You might as well just tell them they suck. As for your exes, you can tell them the same.

The closest thing I have for ya is "Live in Waldrock" recorded from when they played during the summer. I found it on USENET and it's pretty good quality. I don't know, you probably have it. I'm not aware of it being released in stores but it sounds curiously decent if it wasn't.

2004-05-05 09:32:29 ET

Dude, i have NOTHING...the only boot i have is the one i told you in my PM...you want to trade on AIM one of these nights? i just want one set from the DoD tour...is that one DOD or GMETID?
shit if it was this past summer it was probably GMETID...what was the setlist? all old songs and "Wildest Dreams" or what?

i can't just tell them they suck. I've been friends with them for 10 years and telling them i don't like the band and what they're doing would just make me look like a dick i think...as for exes i really don't care...


2004-05-05 09:56:17 ET

It's GMETID but it's from one of their gigs where they played "Heaven Can Wait" which is something they didn't play at the Garden when we saw 'em. It's quite amazing stuff. The rest of the set is just about the same as what we saw at MSG.
/mnt/dell/greg/Iron Maiden/(2003) Live in Waldrock/Disc 1:
01 - The Trooper.mp3 04 - Hallowed Be Thy Name.mp3 07 - The Wicker Man.mp3
02 - Die With Your Boots On.mp3 05 - 22 Acacia Avenue.mp3 08 - Brave New World.mp3
03 - Revelations.mp3 06 - Wildest Dreams.mp3

/mnt/dell/greg/Iron Maiden/(2003) Live in Waldrock/Disc 2:
01 - The Clansman.mp3 05 - Iron Maiden.mp3
02 - The Clairvoyant.mp3 06 - Bring Your Daughter (To the Slaughter).mp3
03 - Heaven Can Wait.mp3 07 - Two Minutes To Midnight.mp3
04 - Fear Of The Dark.mp3 08 - Run To The Hills.mp3

2004-05-05 09:58:27 ET

thats the same set as the Rock Am Ring mp3's i have...but i guess you could send me it anyways lol...

you're missing # of the beast thats what they opened every one of those shows with...i'll send you that if you send me heaven can wait thru the end of the set hehe cuz thats what i'm missing from the Rock Am Ring set

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