2004-05-11 19:42:45 ET

What am I? Chopped shit? I wrote two lame gothlike/em0 post and no one commented. Like, you either have to be a chick or stillbjorn to get attention around here.

2004-05-11 20:21:12 ET

poor kid :P

how have you been?

2004-05-12 12:30:33 ET

Quite alright! I have a paper due tomorrow and my last final is on friday. More to come about today's event's later. Yourself?

2004-05-12 14:12:35 ET

good luck on your paper and final, i am soo relieved to be finished with that sort of stuff. (for now anyways). i have been doing really well, it's finally starting to get warmer here and sunny too! :)

2004-05-12 15:29:15 ET

i love you man.

2004-05-13 11:50:18 ET

=) M4D_CH1X! Oh, wait a minute...

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