Oh no!
2004-05-21 11:49:29 ET

Iron Maiden and then Rush! What have I done?!

2004-05-21 11:52:20 ET

uh.. what?

2004-05-21 13:09:11 ET

you should have just did Iron Maiden and then more Iron Maiden.

2004-05-21 15:40:12 ET

It just happened! I was listening to the closing lyric of "Alexander the Great" and then suddenly comes that Lifeson guitar swoosh that segs into "The Big Money"

2004-05-21 21:09:47 ET

mmmmmm alexander certainly is great.

i got a fucking turntable finally so i can listen to all my vinyl again...hello "listen with nicko!!!"

2004-05-21 21:30:18 ET

Haha, I have one of those compilations as mp3!


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