Hey, atleast I ain't bullshit'n
2004-05-25 12:20:55 ET

Will Do Tech Support For Beer, Drugs and Hooker!

2004-05-25 12:25:28 ET

not acheap date are ya? :D

2004-05-25 14:27:50 ET

at least you're honest, but shouldn't that read will do anything for beer, drugs and hooker?

2004-05-25 17:32:44 ET

SkyMosh: Of course not! *laughs*

Autumn: If I was to do anything, their would be no purposes in writing cover letters for all those resumes.

2004-05-25 21:59:35 ET

lol, true, and you have to have somewhere to go with negotiations

2004-05-27 05:15:09 ET


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