What I think about (Not Safe For Work)
2004-05-27 15:48:39 ET

Someone like her.

Please excuse my manners ladies, just had to get off some steam.

2004-05-27 15:59:15 ET

I have three of those in my basement.

2004-05-27 16:28:11 ET

What the hell is on her hoo-hah? Is that hair or some kind of growth?

2004-05-27 17:21:52 ET

I think that's a spider tattoo.

2004-05-27 17:32:04 ET

ah, sorta kinda maybe makes sense... maybe.

2004-05-27 19:34:01 ET


it's better than thinking about sludge.

2004-05-27 20:49:11 ET


2004-05-27 22:33:31 ET

Her nipples are REALLY high up. Weird.

2004-05-28 01:44:59 ET

some guys
: /

2004-05-28 04:55:37 ET

That his weird! Well, they're totally not real.

YTBH: excuse the madness :/

2004-05-30 20:02:08 ET

(insert assinine conversation here)

2004-05-30 20:20:58 ET


2004-06-09 12:27:13 ET

I can spot bolt-ons a mile away. :P

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